Nestled in perhaps an area lesser known for it’s café culture is Drink, Shop, Do; a café with a twist.

By day, a light and airy spot around the corner from St. Pancras. Not too busy, but enough so that you feel in good company. Good coffee, Pinterest worthy interior, a shop selling cute cards and tidbits and a spanking lunch menu to boot. This is the café of Generation Y, so to speak, because by night it changes entirely. Firstly, craft workshops that run often enough that you’d be hard pressed to miss one. Everything from floral headband creating to lego robot building to nipple tassle making (yes, you read correctly). Craft workshops are cheap, sometimes even free and you can even have a little G&T on the side if that isn’t enough.


Craft and gin not enough for you? How about some dancing then; on Friday and Saturday nights DSD turns into a nightclub claiming to play some pretty great music. Entry is free before 10pm and £3 afterwards, which might just be the cheapest night out in London we’ve heard of. They’ve pretty much covered all bases.


Drink, Shop, Do
9 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DX

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