There are few places in life where it’s acceptable to not shower for days on end, and disguise said fact with glitter (exfoliating, anyone?). Festivals are one of these few places. Actually, we can’t think of another; if you’re stuck in the desert with a four year old? Maybe. Who knows, but that’s beside the point.

Among all the tools (cultural appropriators and flower-crown wearers, we are looking at you) there is the odd person who actually manages to make festival beauty look pretty cool. Their hair isn’t perfectly curled because that’s just not actually possible at a real festival, nor really neccesary, and they elicit the perfect aura of ‘I came here to have a good time and embrace the fact that it’s okay for me to bedazzle my face for a weekend’. These are the people we want to imitate; the kind who spent more time thinking about what to do than what to wear. The real heroes.

So ditch the bindis: here’s some festival beauty inspiration that we literally did in five minutes and invented on the spot, so you don’t have to. We take it day by day, like you’re gonna have to.


Day One: Fresh faced off the train with mint clean Timberland’s and a portable tent full of dreams.

You set up quickly, pop open the Fosters and get to work. It’s the first day, you’re slightly tentative about what kind of look to go for, not wanting to seem overly ‘done’. The answer? Confetti. Yes, confetti. Find it at your local party shop in all shapes and sizes, match with similarly coloured glitter and lipstick. You’re here to dance and have a good time, pull your hair into a half-bun to keep your hair out of your glitter (don’t forget, you won’t be able to wash it out…).


Day Two: You’ve done standard glitter, the fun but safe option. You’re ready for a step up, a graduation of sorts to the wavier of facial decor.

Gems, lot’s of them and all over everything, we say! You’re happy but gem tear drops look cool, so do them. Underline your eyes with glitter and go. Hair? Things might be starting to get a little un-washed looking; disguise this with a milk-maid braid. For god’s sake, don’t curl the rest of your hair; this isn’t a wedding.


Day Three: You haven’t really been sober in three days and you’re starting to get a bit tired; fake energy with metallics.

Metallic tattoos require pretty much no effort, neither does putting some vaseline on and kissing a pot of glitter. No bullshit, a monkey could do this. Accesorize with some sunglasses (also good for aforementioned hungover drunk state) and a piece of statement jewelerry. We went for an ear cuff, a necklace or some hair jewelery also works. You already look sort of like an alien, finish the look and hide your unshowered locks by adding some hair-style attenas. Easy.

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Model: Rebecca Kent (instagram: @rebeccakent96)

Hair: Caroline Kelley (instagram: @carolinelrk)

Photography: Camilla Ackley

Follow Camilla on twitter: @camillaackley