DIY jewellery branch

The temptation to call this D.I.Y. ‘Shit You Can Easily Make That Anthropoligie is Going to Try and Charge You £60 for’ was semi-overwhelming, but we overcame it. Rustic interiors are all the rage right now, and what’s more rustic than turning a real life tree branch into a real life jewellery stand with your bare hands? Literally nothing (we think, anyway).

What You Need:

  • A branch (not rotting, sturdy enough to hold things and not break when things are nailed into it)
  • C-hook screws
  • Spray paint, colour of your choice
  • Thin rope

DIY jewellery branch

Step One:

Spray paint your branch with about 2 coats, we chose white, but you don’t have to. Let it dry overnight.

Step Two:

With a pencil, mark where you want your hooks to go in. We chose six hooks, this may vary depending on the size of your branch. You can get hooks in gold, silver or white usually. With a nail, press down into the branch to create a very small hole (5mm deep). Twisting with your hand, take the C-hooks and screw them in manually until you can no longer see the screw part and only the hook remains sticking out of the branch.

Step Three:

Cut the rope into three sections; two long enough to wrap around a few times to create a layer of rope at either end (see above); the last piece long enough to wrap around next to the layer of rope on either side, creating the hanging part for the branch. Hang it off things in your room.

See? Too easy, and probably won’t cost you more than £10.

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