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It’s late September and you’re trying your hardest not to cry while simultaneously ushering your parents from your new bedroom in your halls, and at the same time not look like an absolute lunatic to those moving into the rooms around you. The struggle will be real, we can tell you this and usually you can hold back the absolute blind panic until you bustle back into your room alone, look at the foreign space around you and probably cry a little bit. Moving to university is scary on a good day, but making that foreign space feel like your space can do a world of good when you feel like you might just pack up from the home-sickness or nerves. You’re going to spend the first few months disorientated and hungover, so at least make the place you spend 95% of your time (pft, who even goes to lectures in first year*) cosy and home-ly. Here are some home-grown tips on how to decorate your university room that we wish we’d had back then…


Nothing is more eery than walking into someone’s room and they have no pictures of anything on their walls. Nothing but bare creamy yellow paint and a cactus. We appreciate the succulent, we really do, but putting up personal momentos is not only a great way to show the people who come to your room a bit about yourself without actually waxing lyrical about your trampolining side career, but it’ll also make you feel comfortable and at home. Try printing off Instagram photos from a site like Printic, or developing those disposable pictures you took on your summer holiday to some ambiguous warm and drunk part of Europe the summer before. Bringing pillows and blankets from home is also a great way to cosy up your space with things that will make you feel comfortable.


Your bed soon becomes sort of your centre piece for the room; you spend most of your time in it, your friends spent a large amount of their time on it, and this is all a lot more enjoyable if you have decent sheets. Invest in a set of good quality sheets, a comfortable pillow and duvet. Assuming your heating probably won’t be outstanding, we suggest bringing an extra duvet for when it gets really chilly, or an electric blanket if you’re feeling techno. You’re also probably going to need a mattress topper; as well as covering up the wonderful feeling of mattress springs in your side, these also magically turn your bed into a cloud. We don’t know how. Finally, have a spare set of bed linen for those days when you spill your cereal/ really can’t be effed to do your laundry.


Every person is different; some people like to coat those bland walls in tapestries they picked up in Thailand on their Gap Year, some people like to use books and boxes as double purpose decor. We put together a little Pinterest board with some decor inspiration to spruce up your space, and below there are some products we love and think would work well in any university room. It’s always handy to know what vibe you’re intending on going for before you get there so you can be set up from the get go; if boho is your aesthetic, get a hold of some candles, cacti and wall hangings. Looking for something a little sleeker? Coordinate your colours, picking two main colours and integrating black and white pieces throughout i.e. a purple bed sheet, dark turquoise pillows and a black & white throw and some old b/w photography posters for the walls to tie the room together.

We’d say regardless of the look you’re going for, fairy lights are a must as well as fun decorating trinkets like wooden letters, posters, and candles. It’s always handy to have somewhere to put your jewellery (or, make your own jewelery branch…), and you can pick up pretty boxes to use as storage from Paperchase fairly cheaply. These come in so many colours your bound to find ones that work with your colour scheme, or buy the plain ones and have a little craft session to really make them your own. They’re great to stack on your desk, or by your bed. We also think filling your bookshelf with some of your favourite books & books for your course is a great way to add a personal touch, and a great excuse to use a cute book-end. Old magazines work to create make-shift side tables, or just to layer on a pre-existing table as a decorative base for a pencil holder or collection of candles.


Decorations can be pretty and functional *le gasp*. Chalkboards for ‘to-do’ lists, pinboards for essay deadlines and pretty pictures. Weekly planners make a pretty desk addition and also help you to stay on top of your assignments, gym schedule, lecture timetable and extra-curriculars. If you’ve run out of cupboard space, your less mud ridden shoes also function as decorations, as well as any jazzy vintage bits you’ve picked up. Stacking boxes creates more space, too- get layering! Old vodka bottles double up as flower vases, but we suggest fake flowers since real ones will just die and never get replaced.


You can find a great check-list of what to bring that we’ve created right here! We think we’ve covered the basics, minus food & clothes which we sort of think is fairly obvious. Also, avoid bringing anything too precious as it might get vomited on. We’re not kidding.

* You actually probably should go to your lectures…

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