Black playsuitBlack playsuitAsh shoes

Hello there! As you may have picked up from my sporadic instagramming, I’ve been stateside the last week or so headed in an R.V. from New York to Chicago- what a trip it’s been! You can keep updated via the website’s snapchat (intothefoldmag) or my instagram (intothefold). It’s pretty darn warm here so I’ve been living in this black playsuit from Selected Femme, sans leather jacket obviously because melting is not a top priority of mine. These photos were taken back in London with the wonderful Amber who always manages to make me look semi-put-together as opposed to the mess of a human I usually am. Anyway, wifi is always a little tempestuous on these trips so do bear with me.

Speaking of bears, I saw one the other day, leaning up against the motorway barriers watching the cars go by. My life is complete. 


black playsuitblack playsuitSELECTED FEMME black playsuit, SCHOTT NYC leather jacket, ASH shoes*

Photography: Amber-Rose 

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