Urban Outfitters AW15

Urban Outfitters AW15Urban Outfitters AW15

Packing for a weekend away in a new city can be pretty tricky; you have to be prepared for any weather (say hello to Europe’s unpredictable weather forecasts) while still fitting everything you need into a carry on and a handbag. Tricky indeed, so here are some tips that will hopefully eliminate that ‘I’ve definitely forgotten something’ feeling we all have as we board our plane.

What clothes should you bring?

Knowing what you’re going to be getting up to during your weekend away can be a saviour when it comes to fitting three days of clothing into a bag the size of a small dog. If you know you’ll be outside a lot exploring the city, bringing thin layers that can be put in your bag is a good idea. Spending the weekend museum hopping? You probably won’t need so many. Regardless, here are some basics you should definitely have around this time of year

  • A pair of smart shoes for the evening, and a pair of comfortable shoes for exploring during the day.
  • A jacket, something that isn’t too heavy but can be layered over a jumper comfortably, a faux fur collar is a good way to keep warm and change the look of the jacket between days
  • Aforementioned jumper (this is a good thing to use as a statement piece so think patterns and colours if that’s your vibe).
  • Two pairs of staple bottoms. Depending on the weather, these could be little skirts or a pair of jeans and some patterned trousers.
  • A dress that you can wear during the day and evening
  • The clothes you travel in, obviously.

Urban Outfitters AW15Urban Outfitters AW15

But what should I travel in?

Travel in something your happy to spend the day wearing once you get there, that way you have an outfit sorted already. A denim skirt or trousers, light jumper and trainers are a good place to start- layer a jacket and scarf over these, and a little vest underneath for extra warmth on the plane. Travelling in basics is easy and means you’ll be comfortable on your journey over, mix up colours and patterns if you’re worried about looking too boring. Multi coloured Bretons or coloured denim are a great way to do this! In terms of accessories, trainers are always a smart but cool option, and you can spend the day walking around in them once you get there. Not into trainers? Comfy flat boots are your saviour. In terms of accessorising, keep jewellery minimal and opt for a decent sized backpack. We love this vintage feel leather look one: spacious and on trend for autumn.

Urban Outfitters AW15What do I put in my backpack?

 You’re going to be carrying this thing around all weekend, so keep your packing fairly minimal.

  • Make-up: you might want to touch up your make-up during the day, bringing some mascara, cover up and lip balm will cover all your basics and won’t weigh you down. Neutral nail polish is a good way to keep your nails looking smart without clashing with the clothes you’ve brought. It’s also less noticeable if it chips.
  • A hairbrush is a good idea, we love the Tangle Teezer: it’s effective and lightweight.
  • Your wallet, duh.
  • A pair of headphones for the plane journey, or if you find yourself taking public transport to more remote areas in the city. These Frends ones are pretty divine and give off great sound, they also fold up to save space.
  • A spare phone charger because surely nothing is worse than finding yourself on 1% battery in a foreign city.
  • A camera: a digital one is handy, but instant photos are a great for capturing a moment in a more original way. A coloured Fujifilm is easy to find in the depths of your bag when you need to shoot something in the moment.
  • A mini emergency kit; these are a fantastic way to make sure you have all the basics covered without having to bring a full size pack of make-up wipes or hairspray, which would definitely make your bag a pain to carry around.

Urban Outfitters AW15

What shouldn’t I bring?

You won’t need your whole make-up bag, because if you’re anything like us, it probably weighs the same as a small child and is full with things you barely ever touch, let alone put on your face. Think basics; mascara, eyeliner, cover-up, blush and lip balm. Coats and jackets take up a lot of space; we say pick a basic one that you can accessorize with a faux fur collar for when you want to change up your look, and travel in that. You’ll be amazed by how much space you save, and you will regret bringing one for each day. If you’re just away for the weekend, you probably won’t need a laptop; instead try bringing a tablet, or just use your phone. If you’re having a great time, you probably won’t even open a computer and if an emergency strikes, most hotels have computers you can use.

Anything else?

Phone chargers, toothbrushes, pyjamas, your travel tickets etc….but that’s fairly obvious.

Urban Outfitters AW15Turtleneck, skirt, Deena & Ozzy backpack, Ecote wallet, make-up bag, Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, mini emergency kit, Frends headphones, Tangle Teezer, EOS lip balm, Nail Polish, Phone Charger, Eyeko Mascara all c/o URBAN OUTFITTERS, opinions are all our own though of course. REEBOK classics (here) & ADIDAS socks (here).

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