Red Denim JacketRed Denim Jacket

I can’t remember when, or where, but at some point a while back I saw a picture of a gazelle like human wearing possibly the best piece of outerwear I’d seen in absolute yonks; it was a red denim jacket. I was pretty sure it was vintage, but I hadn’t been able to get rid of a nagging desire for my own one since I saw it. You guys have probably twigged that I’m back up in Bristol now, and I happen to live near a road of pretty banging independent shops and cafe’s. Last week I went out to buy salsa (student essentials, obviously) and ended up coming back with this beauty. And no salsa. It was one of those days where it took me four trips to the grocery store to actually get what I needed, my head wasn’t quite on straight. Summary: I found my red denim jacket and am yet to remove it. I practically sleep in it, genuinely, ask my housemates. In my defence our house is freezing…hashtag student life etc…

Red Denim JacketRed Denim JacketRed Denim JacketVINTAGE Levi’s red denim jacket, TOPSHOP black denim skirt, REEBOK classics trainers, RAYBAN clubmasters*, FJALLRAVEN KANKEN backpack.

Photography: Ella Kemp