Dry your tears, put away your handkerchiefs (yes, some people still use them alright) and close that tired Netflix tab. Summer may be over but that’s no excuse to watch the Gossip Girl box set for the 5th time in a row – Fall is just around the corner and not only does that mean sweater weather, hot chocolates, Halloween and fairy lights galore, but it also means that a very exciting season of films is coming up. Here’s the lowdown on the cream of the crop of the next few months.



Gangsters? Check. Gritty visuals? Check. Cool soundtrack? Check. Tom Hardy? Check. Tom Hardy? …Check. Legend offers a film adaptation of the Kray brothers’ story and their reign of terror in London between 1950 and 1960. If the original story isn’t enough to tickle your taste buds, Legend blesses us with twice as much Tom Hardy to play with than your average gritty gangster film. Playing both of the Kray twins himself, the film promises to be a true acting test for the man who can’t seem to go wrong, on top of being one of the most exciting dramas of the year. Watch this if you’re in need of some one on one (or two?) time with Mr Hardy himself. A delight.



In an interview with Empire, director Baltasar Kormakur explains that Everest’s film crew actually went to Everest itself to shoot some of the scenes, putting the lives of everyone involved in the film in real extreme danger. Grueling experiences in extreme cold met with Jake Gyllenhaal can only result in success, right? Telling the story of the alpinists’ expedition to climb and survive at the peak of the highest mountain in the world, Everest features a star-studded cast and promises stunning 3D visuals and a breathtaking cinematic experience. If you’re still hungry for adventure after months of travels, nab a 3D ticket for this one now.

dying-girl_21681Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Opening the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Me Earl and the Dying Girl may seem like just another John Green teen cancer story, tear jerking and heart warming but not exactly original. However, with a more understated cast and an interesting meta-storyline featuring amateur filmmaking, this coming of age comedy drama promises all of the same qualities that the genre always offers, with a refreshing edge. With friends, a date or just on a day that you’re feeling a little off, Me, Earl and the Dying Girl is a perfect pick-me-up watch for a guaranteed “I feel fuzzy inside!” exclamation as you leave the cinema.


Paper Towns

Speak of the devil… this one hardly needs an introduction. No rest for the wicked, not too long after throwing away the TFIOS-soiled tissues, Paper Towns brings yet another John Green teenage love story, with a hint of mystery and lot of Nat Wolff. Contain your excitement. Promising Cara Delevigne’s first major acting break and the return of the Fault in our Stars’ music supervisor with a new gang of trendy artists on board, Paper Towns promises a quaint hummable score, a great deal of well scrubbed up young American allure and endlessly quotable dialog. Take your 15 year old sister on her lucky day out to the cinema, or sit patiently waiting for its Netflix release to claim your title as the best sleepover host ever.

(L to R) Barry Greenhouse (Steve Valentine), David (Benedict Samuel), Jeff (Cesar Domboy), Annie (Charlotte Le Bon), Jean Pierre (James Badge Dale), Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Jean Louis (Clement Sibony) and Albert (Ben Schwartz) in TriStar Pictures' THE WALK.

 The Walk

Oh JGL, you had been missed. Having kept quiet in the last couple of years, everyone’s favourite actor/director extraordinaire returns as Philippe Petit, the French highwire artist deemed mad after announcing he would walk on a wire between the two Twin Towers. With a charismatic and intriguing protagonist and an obvious enticing storyline, for an extra jolt of excitement and suspense in your daily routine, head to the cinema for the walk of your life.

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