Waven jacketWaven jacketWaven jacket

I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with denim jackets as of late, if you didn’t already twig that. I like them, they keep me warm: it’s a relationship made in heaven and sort of analogous to my actual IRL relationship. My heart is easily won, it seems. Summary: I’m London based brand Waven’s biggest fan. For realsies; interesting low key cuts and high quality fabrics, all sewn to perfection. This particular denim fiend is the perfect mix between poncho and cape, but with the added practicality of sleeves. Could you really ask for anything more? I mean I don’t think you could, but feel free to pop suggestions in the comment section.

Waven jacketWaven jacketWaven jacketWAVEN jacket*, NIKE air force 1’s, ASOS jumper and skirt.

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