Tove Styrke may be a new name on the music block, but she’s entering the scene with a bang. Possibly one of the most original sounds to come out of a music talent show (Swedish Idol 2009, anyone?), we’ve fallen hard and fast for her soft melodic voice and no-shit lyrics.

Ain’t Got No Time

Slick electronic beats with stone cold lyrics, this song gives us major Mean Girls vibes; your girl gang is on fleek as you storm a corridor, any corridor. You’re taking the lead, throwing glares at anyone who doesn’t move out of your way quick enough. This is your power walk, and with your girls in a V formation behind you, you’re fresh out of a 90’s movie. All that’s missing? Chad Murray. Tove can provide the soundtrack, but she can’t give you Chad.


It’s one of those days where everything is going wrong; the milk your poured into your cereal was off, your early morning London commute was about was fun as eating your own arm and that creep from work stared at you for twenty minutes straight while you were eating your lunch, trying to enjoy your overpriced Pret salad (you even went extra early to get the avocado crayfish one). Today is not the one. Tove understands that sometimes you just want to punch people; but try listening to this song instead, and imaginary punching the next person who questions the hip flask full of tequila you keep in your bag. Blunt lyrics provide adequate warning, basically telling the boys to back it out of her personal space like a tonka truck.

Samurai Boy

Sometimes people are attracted to niche things; this is the song for you if you’re attracted to samurai’s (which is really very niche, we think.)


Some people are real jerks. Some people are real jerks, but you still think they’re hot as shit and want to jump them. But don’t, because it doesn’t end well: Tove is wised up on this. She knows what she wants but she also knows that arrogant people are really bad at love and all that junk. Take her advice, make-out with that guy who doesn’t check his mirror reflection behind your back every twenty second. You don’t need that in your life.


Very rarely do we celebrate the half insane little person that lives inside all of us; the person who feels the need to throw their phone out of the car window, or push over a statue in a museum. Tove understands that we’re all living a little on the edge, even if it doesn’t always show; borderline happy borderline sad, borderline good and borderline bad. The world exists in shades of grey bro, and when the first chorus hits on this electrifying tune, your happy side will be winning. Her message is beautifully intertwined with clanging almost country western guitars. 

Number One

It’s a dog-eat-dog world and you’re feeling a little bitter; you’re a young singer looking for a break and your slick Dr. Dre meets Mika beats are so fresh you can’t even put a sell by date on them, but you’re not getting the support you expected from the bizz. You feel like you’re just chasing rhymes; this song will cheer you up and also make you realise that Tove is totally on the same page. You’re not alone, young one. Soldier on.

Even If I’m Loud Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You

Life is made up of a series of tiny events; sometimes these small events are immensely irritating because (and we understand you won’t realise this until tomorrow) you didn’t get enough sleep, or you got too much sleep. It’s a balance to perfect. Also, sometimes people are annoying. So, someone tips the barrel by just one little comment and you unleash Dante’s inferno on their ass: we get it. They take it personally- if you’re that person, don’t take it personally. They’re not really yelling at you. They’re yelling at Mercury because for god’s sake, it’s probably in retrograde again.

Walking a Line

“Hijack the idea of a girl that obeys, hahaha oh my, laugh it in the face”. From the get go, Tove’s middle finger to the patriarchy means we basically want to listen to this song whenever, wherever. She’s taking down the Ninteenth century views of women as aesthetically pleasing polite robots and, well, laughing it in the face. Almost irritatingly catchy, next time a guy says you’re too loud, play this baby on full volume to him- actually next time a guy tells you how to be in any way, blast him away with this tune.


Ending on a moral note. Tove has all the basics covered, materialism being this songs focus. Summary: don’t be a dick when you hit the big time. Salute to that!

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