Brioche Pudding

Ah the grande old bread and butter pudding, famed for it’s simplicity, it has become the Marmite of deserts. Personally such a dessert would never appeal to me but paring the sauce with the sweet sticky fruit infused panettone or chocolatey desire of brioche, it seemed perfect on a cold night or any old night. Even thought it is currently scorching in bloody October.

You will need:

Panettone/ brioche, any ole beautiful sweet loaf bread
250ml milk
130ml double cream
3 teaspoons brown sugar
Vanilla essence
2 eggs
Icing sugar (to dust, I chose not to because it would become too sweet for myself then)
Preheat the oven at 160c. Slice the bread keeping the crusts with a thickness of 1-2 cm. Grab a baking tray before smothering it in butter to allow the dish to not stick. Next use up the rest of the butter spreading it finely on the Panettone slices plopping each slice in a row on the tray, like so. Next whisk up 2 eggs, vanilla, double cream, milk and brown sugar whisking well till blended. Smother this queen of creams over the bread, reaching up to the thickness of 2.5/3 cm. Pop in the oven for 35 minutes and it should be perfectly ready to devour served with whipped cream or even a smidge of custard and a cuppa tea. Don’t forget the dusting of icing sugar, such a delight on the weekend! Viola, my favourite brioche pudding.
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