Throwback Albums

I find myself in a bit of a musical rut. It’s got to that point of the year when I keep listening to the same five songs, but they’re just not good enough anymore. They feel tired, a bit worn out. It’s time to go back, way back to the tracks that really made me tick. They’ve saved me, here’s five albums you should reconsider too.

Made of Bricks – Kate Nash

When this initially came out it took the world by storm. Kate Nash came from out of the blue and graced the world with some of the most raw and absolutely genius tracks. She doesn’t hide behind anything and is not afraid to be angry, sad and everything in between. Foundations still features on most British sitcoms, but there are so many gems on the album that the whole world should know about. Nicest Thing will break your heart while Mouthwash will make your head spin. If you have ever been angry at a boy I can pretty much guarantee you will think Kate Nash is your soulmate. There is never a bad time to listen to this album.

Parachutes – Coldplay

So we don’t really need to reconsider this album. It should have never left your mind or your playlist in the first place. Parachutes is the one album that I know I will never tire of. Coldplay hit every chord and cover every inch of the emotional spectrum somehow right from their very first album. Chris Martin’s voice and storytelling combined with the warm and acoustic tone of the album soothe every ache imaginable. I doubt I will ever find a song that makes more of an emotional impact than Yellow, but if you’re looking for a hidden gem, take Shiver for a spin. No need to thank me.

Suck it and See – Arctic Monkeys

Many will disagree, but I can safely say that Suck it And See is by far Arctic Monkeys’ best album. The band’s fourth offering has a distinct personality, an Americanised twang which makes the album feel like a hazy dream, a fairytale away from Sheffield. It’s equally capable of knocking you out just after sweeping you off your feet. With more cryptic and poetic storytelling and the ancestors of the Submarine soundtrack, Suck It and See is a tale that never gets old.

Room on the 3rd Floor – McFly

Definitely the guiltiest of this list’s pleasures, it doesn’t change the fact that McFly’s debut album definitely deserves to be dusted down and given a welcome back party. There seems to be something about debut albums which allows an honesty which hits you in the gut, so much more than some tired successors offer. If you say Above the Noise is your favourite, you’re definitely lying.

Alright, Still – Lily Allen

This album had quite an important place in my heart around the same time as Made of Bricks, complimenting Nash’s album nicely with another helping of great lyrics with a lot of attitude. It’s refreshing to listen to songs with genuinely personal and funny lyrics which remind you what songwriting is actually all about. Try some of Allen’s more forgotten tracks like Everything’s Just Wonderful and Knock ‘Em Out when you get tired of Smile coming on again and again.

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