The month of December brings festive cheer to all, encouraging the consumption of mince pies, the acceptance of ridiculous jumpers, and the resurfacing of artists that don’t seem to exist for the other 11 months of the year. Think about it- Wizzard, Wham!, Mariah Carey – I think it’s fair to say that not many of them have bangers in our top 25 most played songs of July, and yet they loop to our heart’s content in the run up to Christmas (…possibly beyond our hearts content, too).

For those who believe in good music and good artists as well as a good Christmas, revel in this festive selection, and discover festive classics by artists that aren’t just for Christmas, but that tick all the right boxes at any time of year. Even July.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Slow Club

The English duo gives this classic a refreshing and current edge. The punchy guitar riffs paired with Taylor’s unique vocals that tiptoe up and down the lyrical spectrum make for a Christmas song that actually has a lot of substance. Take away the jingle bells and the falsetto Christmases chanted in the background and you have a timeless hit.

Happy Christmas (War is Over) – Jake Bugg

Although Jake Bugg seems to have gone a bit quiet recently, you can always dig up his Radio 1 Live Lounge cover of John Lennon’s fantastic festive offering to guarantee a bit more raw talent in your Christmas playlist. Doing what he does best, with nothing but his acoustic guitar, signature brawl and the added obligatory festive tambourine, this is definitely a number to satisfy your Bugg needs all year round.

Little Saint Nick – She & Him

Trust Zooey Deschanel to sneak a ukulele into a Christmas song. Even the original version of this song, by the Beach Boys, is one of the more obscure festive tunes, but She & Him give it a very whimsical and exotic sprinkling, with Deschanel’s distinctive vocals and layered harmonies and just the right amount of jingles to compliment the strings. If you’re one of the lucky ones spending Christmas in the sun, it’s definitely one for the list.

Christmas Lights – Coldplay

Coldplay are known for their melancholy and infatuation with piano accompaniments- so Christmas Lights didn’t really come as a surprise when released in 2012. Like the rest of their discography, this song tells a story, of the festive period, sure, but one that can also be enjoyed at any time of year. Relatable but poetic lyrics and a universally heartwarming message, I can honestly say this song probably is in my most played- even in July.

Half the World Away – AURORA

I know. It’s been overplayed this year, as it was of course the song that underscored the John Lewis Christmas advert. But can we just not accept it and revel in the fact that somehow Oasis have finally made it into our Christmas playlists? Be it the original version or Aurora’s delicate piano cover, this song is one of the more special ones, which cuts to the chase and doesn’t bother with empty lyrics about Christmas trees. It’s most definitely relatable in December but not necessarily So if you’re not an overly festive person surrounded by Santa’s elves everywhere, this is definitely one you can enjoy together- the elves can break the refresh button on the John Lewis advert, whilst you can enjoy a good book, being serenaded all together by the sweet sweet sound of Oasis.

Merry Christmas indeed.

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