5 podcasts to listen to

Whether you are planning to dedicate this weekend to staying at home, getting a kick-start on your health routine or simply enjoying the sunshine. Adam Martin, Director of Content at Acast, has suggested 5 podcasts to listen to that will entertain, educate and relax you during the break.

A Taste of The Past
As the healthy food movement is rapidly gaining momentum, now is the perfect time to seriously think about the food that we eat and where it came from. This series, hosted by Linda Pelaccio, takes you on a delicious journey through the history of food. Every week, Linda discusses the influences behind current foods and the cultures they originate from, speaking to authorities in the food industry, from authors and scholars to culinary chroniclers.

Lena Dunham – Women of The Hour
When it comes to championing strong, independent and funny women, Lena Dunham is THE advocate. In this podcast, Lena promotes feminism and equality, interviewing and talking to women who she finds inspiring. She also delves deeper into the themes discussed and highlighted in her book, Not That Kind of Girl. Lena herself describes the series as “an audio collage/feminist variety hour in the form of this pod-cast.”

Tranquility du Jour
Hosted by DC-based author, therapist and creative entrepreneur, Kimberly Wilson. The podcast guides you through all elements of life, from yoga and mindfulness to travel and creativity, to making a difference and all things tranquillity.

The perfect podcast to answer any career-related question you might have. It offers invaluable advice from professionals from all areas of work, from freelancers, to entrepreneurs, news anchors, PRs, photographers and others. The podcast’s hosts Joymarie and Courtney upload weekly content, discussing everything you need to know about your career.

Taking it’s meaning from “all invisible things” in Latin, this podcast handles all things thought-provoking. Through exciting storytelling and scientific research, this podcast discusses the invisible forces that shape our lives – ideas, beliefs and feelings. In short, all the invisible and essential elements that govern human behaviour. Hosted by Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, this podcast will have you question everything you thought you knew about life.

So there you have it, 5 podcasts to listen to that will make your weekend that little something extra. Grab your headphones and go!

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