Hamburg Guide

Move over Berlin! Hamburg, the younger sister of the capital, comes with all the nordic charm and offers everything you’re looking for on a great weekend away. Here are our three favourite places to eat, shop and chill out in the city that is so close to sounding like Hamburger it makes us kinda hungry…

Hamburg GuideHamburg GuideEAT: KRAWEEL

This cosy hang out spot right behind the party district is the perfect place for some delicious brunch in the morning or a beer under fairy lights in the evening. The menu is amazing and we definite;y recommend you try the glorious cheesecake. Seriously. Another plus? It does a stellar vegan brunch, if you’re so inclined.

Paul-Roosen-Straße 6, 22767, Hamburg, Germany 

Hamburg guideHamburg GuideSHOP: MINIMARKT

The shop Minimarkt in the area Schanze has everything that will make your little design loving heart beat faster; you can find everything from well selected design products and furniture in the scandinavian style to accessories and beauty goodies in this small, fine store. We’re pretty certain there will be more than just one souvernir you’ll want to take home with you.

Bartelstraße 37, 20357, Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Guide


This pretty coffee roasters in an old warehouse is the perfect place to enjoy a hot drink and a Franzbrotchen (the traditional sweet pastry of the city). But it’s also great if you want to squeeze in a quick office hour on your laptop and need an energizing flat white (or 3) while working.

If you catch the city in good weather, you can sit outside on the patio and take in all that German sun.

Lagerstraße 34c, 20357, Hamburg, Germany

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