instagram accounts to follow

Three fingers on the back, thumb for support on the left and the pinky holding the fort underneath. A comfortable ritual developed for the snug Instagram scroll. The only problem is that this way of life has become a bit too comfortable- there’s only so much avocado and Nike trainers a girl can take. Thankfully, a few creative souls remain, breathing life into my feed. My routine may be mindless, but these accounts definitely are not. Here’s the Instagram accounts to follow now

instagram accounts to follow


1. Cautioushorse 

Behind the elusive username reminiscent of 2009 underground DJs is none other than Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders. As well as injecting the most euphoric drum beats to ever come out of Sheffield, he’s actually a pretty great photographer too. For an insight into the broody drummer’s personal life through enigmatic captions and photography to soothe any snap-happy fanatic’s cravings, look no further.



2. Wenevermet

Where people-watching accounts tend to focus on sartorial envy, Wenevermet gives a story to the people who are never actually fully seen. By photographing people’s backs, hands, legs without ever seeing their faces, the account gives heartwarming stories to strangers, proving how much imagination really can do.
instagram accounts to follow


3. Mollyccostello 

In a similar vein to Rupi comes Molly’s account, a showcase for her immense artistic talent. With snippets of her artwork, all of which can be purchased on her Etsy account, she shows that there really is more to offer than paisley print and galaxy photographs in terms of background art. With stars, trees and true Earth loving, her designs infuse a breath of fresh air to Instagram.



4. Phoebethesamoyed

One thing that cannot be taken away from fashion bloggers is their photographic skills. So, when one after another, all of these 20 something socialites started adopting kittens and puppies, it wasn’t long before the adorable pups were given Instagram accounts of their own. Phoebe is the samoyed puppy belonging to Rebekah Dale from disfordangerous. And naturally she is more photogenic than any of us ever will be. Expect regular and thorough updates, adorable captions and the fluffiest and most awe-inducing puppy IG ever did see.

instagram accounts to follow

5. Poonehghana 

When it comes to gig photography, the struggle tends to lie in enjoying the music and living in the moment too much, which leads to blurry and sweaty photography. The memories remain but aren’t exactly always IG worthy. Pooneh Ghana tours with Foals, Cage the Elephant and more, and is the in house photographer. As well as getting to hang out with Matt, Brad, Yanis and the rest of the gang, she is responsible for some of the most enigmatic and candid snaps of the coolest cats in town in their natural habitat.



6. Carolinecalloway

On the topic of fashion bloggers, Caroline Calloway does set herself apart from the masses. Where hefty captions on Instagram can become tedious, never really saying that much, Caroline prides herself in this, and actually creates her blog through her Instagram captions. Accompanying gorgeous pictures of Cambridge sunshine and one particularly dashing swedish polo player, the painfully pretty American in Cambridge tells stories through the captions of her photos. The most annoying but best part of all of her stories, one more romantic and made for movie screens than the next? They’re all true. One picture in and you’ll be hooked.

instagram accounts to follow


7. Smcmennamy 

Channelling a different vein of online photography, Stephen McMennamy combines photographs to create truly one of a kind creations, every one more satisfying than the last. A syringe that transforms into a selfie stick, a garden sprayer that sprays Skittles or even a poodle with a cauliflower head. That’s right. See it to believe it, his combinations are crisp, imaginative and perfect procrastination material, wondering just how he does it.






9. Rupikaur_ 

Although there are a fair few poets and illustrators on the internet, what Rupi does is channel true simplicity with short haikus married with hand drawn illustrations. She tackles issues of loneliness, love, and the environment without ever being overbearing. For an instant boost of creative positivity, make sure to make a Rupi Kaur original your lockscreen background ASAP.

instagram accounts to follow





8. Izyhossack

Izy is a first year student at Leeds studying Food Nutrition, and her passion really does breathe through her Instagram account. She has her own blog and cookbook, so on top of providing mouth-watering snaps which do actually give hope to students struggling to feed themselves on a daily basis, she’s a great inspiration and an overall great human being. Food, humour and great photography- it’s a yes from me.






10. Laurajenkinson

Where some make up accounts will boast the best drugstore foundation or show endless “no make up” looks, Laura uses her skills to animate well loved characters- on her face. From Donald Duck to Donald Trump with everything in between, the bottom half of her face is transformed in each post, with intricate designs showing off her make-up magic tricks in a completely new way. Each new design is met with more anticipation than the last.

So there you have it; some really darn cool Instagram accounts to follow that have nada to do with fashion. They exist, people.

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