vintage denim jacketvintage denim jacket

Hello! Humans! Are you there? Holy Moly it’s been a while. I probably shouldn’t point that out just in case you hadn’t actually noticed…but I hope you have, sort of. The last month has been a challenge, exams and various other life stresses getting all up in my grill but I am back and have some truly awesome stuff lined up for the site.

So, summer…am I right guys? It feels obscenely good to blind people on the street with my pale ass legs and wear floaty clothes that indecently expose myself when I forget that Bristol is actually really windy all the time. What absolute bliss. I’ve been spending the last few days catching up with friends, dancing (at a festival, not randomly…but also sometimes just for no reason) and maintaining a really good level of tipsy across about five days.

I’m sorry If I’m being weird it’s just I’m still re-learning to interact with the world after being holed up in a library for 3 weeks…life isn’t all pancakes and gin (except now, now it is exactly that).

vintage denim jacketvintage denim jacketsnakeskin stan smithsSTAN SMITH trainers c/o Size? // ASOS denim skirt (here) // MONKI top (here) // VINTAGE denim jacket (similar) // RAYBAN club master sunglasses (here)

Photography: Ella Kemp

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