1. Richard Linklater directed it.

The mind behind School of Rock, Dazed and Confused, Boyhood and the Before trilogy returns with a slice of life in the 1980s. In true Linklater fashion, the film doesn’t really have a plot – the audience follows a college baseball team as they settle in, the weekend before term starts. Expect what you would expect from an all-male baseball team sharing two houses – a lot of fun. The director manages to strike a genius balance between laugh-out-loud funny and actually heartwarming material, making for a true cinematic treat.

2. Ryder from Glee has a proper acting role.

Remember the Glee Project? The reality TV show that gave floppy haired Blake Jenner his big break? It suddenly got a lot bigger, as the twenty something takes on the lead role here. At first perhaps a bit clichéd, his character actually becomes extremely loveable – and forever aesthetically pleasing if nothing else.

3. The guys are all actually really likeable.

Before you roll your eyes – give them a chance. Although on the surface, the idea of an entire team of testosterone-fuelled college guys shouting around for two hours does not seem all that appealing, prepare to be surprised. Stereotypes are played with and the characters are never overly offensive nor too realistically preachy. Through a combination of the direction and the acting, the team becomes so incredibly charming and their humour infectious. Showing different personas and a cohesive appeal, the Southeast Texas Cherokees are the boys you wish you met at college.

4. Forget all your other Spotify playlists – it has the best OST ever.

As My Sharona opens the film, it sets the tone for what is to come. For a film so immersed in its decade, its soundtrack is essential in illustrating an era – which it does so very well. Blondie, The Clash, September and friends all make an appearance in an extremely rich score which make the film even happier and give it a beat that you just can’t help but dance along to. Look no further for your go-to playlist.

5. It shows University life at its best.

Whether you’re currently experiencing it, on your way or leaving it behind – watching Everybody Wants Some!! will leave you seriously wanting a piece of that life too. It channels a very specific moment of a youth that not all get to experience in real life, and is here within reach. A sense of excitement and playfulness meets adult expectations and doubts, as onscreen characters mirror real life personas. Everybody Wants Some!! manages to show real life: not a faked version, but a reconstituted version. Real emotion and real fun, you’re in for a real good time.

So, whatever you’re doing, stop and turn on Everybody Wants Some!! You know you want to.

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