New Year New Me

1. Accept compliments instead of deflecting or denying them – say thanks because they’re probably true – extra points if you reply “I know right?” or “I get that all the time!!!” Our editor wrote about this, you should real it here.

2. Lose 20 pounds …. Of money buying yourself something you like. A belated Christmas present for yourself, and remember, belated means anytime of year between January and December. Treat yourself to a little gift to help you deal with the cold grey month of January and celebrate making it through the shambles that was 2016 #brexit.

3. Find a hobby you love doing; like falconry, making a crochet version of the Kardashians or emotionally preparing yourself for Trump’s presidency. This year I’m going to try and do yoga and meditate more regularly to help me de-stress. And also try tantric stress ball dancing which we completely just made up, but would probably also help us de-stress if it did exist.

4. Vow to cook and eat more with friends – instead of just tagging them in memes- because nothing is better than good food + good company. We love the Top With Cinnamon cookbook because everything Izy makes looks like we want to eat all of it. We interviewed her, here.

5. Make time for yourself; no really. Plan to set aside some time dedicated exclusively to you so it doesn’t get lost in your schedule. Allotting 20 minutes at the end of the day to self-care is a great way to do this. We do things like watching our favourite film or having a bath – you’d probably be on your phone scrolling through instagram anyway, so pop the phone in a drawer and give yourself the TLC you deserve (which is, we think, all of the TLC).

And remember that Kylie Jenner’s instructions for 2016 still apply – keep realizing stuff.

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