Velvet Mini DressVelvet mini dressvelvet mini dress


How bloody classy is this look! Am I allowed to say that about my own outfit? Oh well: I am – considering that I usually exist in dungarees and sneakers, it was a real treat to dress up and shoot with Amber last weekend. She’s such a damn delight to shoot with. I really felt like Blaire Waldorf, but also quite out of place because we shot in Shoreditch and everyone was in jeans and looked less like an extra from Gossip Girl and more like a cool person from…well, Shoreditch. That really says it all doesn’t it? I might just start using ‘Shoreditch’ as a description from now on.

It is a bit out of character for me to wear something so shmancy, especially since my style has relaxed a fair amount since being a university student of three years (who remembers 15 year old blogging Camilla teetering around in spindly heeled boots? No chance with the hills here in Bristol, I’d be flat on my face 24/7.) So while it may be out of character, I’ve learned over the last few months (which for various, personal, reasons have been the hardest of my own life) how cathartic outfit planning is for me.

Sometimes it’s too easy to exist purely in casual Camilla form (all denim, Digestive crumbs down my front and a caffeine induced frantic eye twitch, like I tend to be at university), but planning and organising a well put together outfit started to become something I looked forward to everyday – it’s relaxing. Matching up, styling and organising daily looks has started to feel like I’m creating something again. You could say I’m back…into the fold. HA.

It feels like going back to basics, routine and starting from the shoes up to the rest of the day. Maybe it sounds menial and superficial, but I literally don’t care because if something calms you down or makes you feel better then that’s good. That being said, my feet aren’t used to heels anymore so I do actually end up waddling like a penguin after a couple hours, which is sexy af but also not great when people just think you really need to pee.

BUT HEY, I feel great while waddling, so that’s what really matters right?

velvet mini dressvelvet mini dressvelvet mini dressvelvet mini dress

Vintage velvet mini dress, And Other Stories boots (try these), Sandro Paris coat, Givenchy Antigona bag (here)

Photography: Amber-Rose