1) Invest in Ruby Wax’s new book about Mindfulness

I already wrote about how much I love Ruby in the newsletter – sorry not sorry – but her new book about being mindful when you’re frazzled to a crisp struck a chord with me.
Turns out you don’t have to wear orange robes to be truly mindful…

It’s on sale here.

2) Self care in your own way.
I am a strong believer in not attaching monetary value to self care; it can be free or as cheap or as expensive as you’d like. I read a really good article explaining why self care is whatever you want it to be and not what other people tell you. Read the article here.

And why not treat yourself by seeing some nice sights; like the biggest collection of neon signs in Europe, right here in London?

3) Don’t wear clothes that make you feel bad about yourself
It’s a Friday night, you’re going clubbing and you really want to wear those black jeans. You put them on and they’re super tight – thanks a fucking bunch father Christmas – but you wear them anyway. This is despite the fact that you feel really uncomfortable and every move in them brings back a graphic memory of each mince pie you ate. Hashtag triggered asf.

If you’re comfy in tight clothes that’s fine, but don’t wear something that doesn’t make you happy. Maybe just don’t wear the jeans and slip on that cute skirt that allows for a glass or five worth of prosecco bloat; you know you want to.
And when you do hit the town; check this place out, with Maribou playing Valentine’s day weekend.

4) Remember romantic love isn’t the only type of love.

Remind yourself of the great things that make you you: list it, think it, draw it. It doesn’t matter – Valentine’s day isn’t just about loving other people.

The best thing I got for valentines day was a crate of cupcakes from my best friend at school. After eating them we headed to the nearest Pret and bitched to our heart’s content about our love lives; that’s love right there. Let people you love know what they mean to you.

Treat you and your bestie to a nostalgia themed drink here at the Blind Pig in Soho renowned for butterbeer and Hunnypot (Winnie the Pooh) cocktails on its new drinks list. Amazing.

Or if you want something a bit more luxurious; a place that exclusively serves cheese and wine. We’re all adults, right?

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