Topshop trousersTopshop trousersTopshop trousers


My gosh, you look lovely – new hair? Must be, it has been a while after all since I’ve chimed in on here with my actual face and clothes.

Over Christmas I got knee deep in reading blogs again, which I haven’t done in yonks (read: a very long time). I love running this mag and being Queen B editor with all my brilliant little editor bees helping me, but I’ve started to miss the more personal aspect that you get with blogging. So, editor’s style is returning! We took a bit of a break while my life degraded into pyjamas and dungarees for the last six months, but I am back and wearing vaguely tailored things.

But let’s talk about the tile printed elephant in the room: these Topshop trousers. As a big fan of floors, I really appreciate the opportunity to dress like them. Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all. I’ve been zig zagging around Bristol in these bad boys, doing my best cha cha down the street to show off the kick flare leg and genuinely scaring strangers in the process. In a world that seems to be falling to le tits (excuse my french), sometimes all you need are some fun pants to brighten the day.

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Sorry for the slightly frantic writing; my morning coffee has just hit, and I’ve sort of forgotten how to write these types of posts. Anyway, it feels good to be back doing what I love: posing in front of coloured doors.

See you soon!

TOPSHOP trousers (here, or different pattern ones here), ZARA top, ZARA coat (similar), DR. MARTENS brogues (similar)

Topshop trousersTopshop trousersTopshop trousersTopshop trousersTopshop trousers

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Photography: Ella Kemp