Comme Des Garcons T-shirtcomme des garcons t-shirt

I will admit that I am, for the most part, a fairly impulsive shopper. Trawling through ASOS almost daily is a vice of mine (lest I get behind and it takes twice as long to look at everything new, which would, obviously, be much less efficient) but I am trying to save up for better quality goods. If I do want something a little pricier, it takes me years to finally make the plunge. There is no inbetween.

As I grow older, and not an inch wiser, I’m trying to make more and more excuses to buy expensive fancy clothes, or as you might call it, ‘invest’. Cue this t-shirt. I’ve wanted a Comme Des Garcons Play t-shirt for quite a few years now, so I didn’t feel all too guilty spending £100 on what is basically a logo. Because the logo is freaking adorable. Look at it and tell me it isn’t cute. It’s like my boob is saying ‘luv u’.

I am also now broke AF, which should be my slogan. Being a student I save my money by basically existing purely on a diet of baked beans and oatmeal, hence why you never see food on my instagram. I have my priorities, and they may not be straight, but they might just be polka-dot.

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comme des garcons t-shirtcomme des garcons t-shirtcomme des garcons t-shirtcomme des garcons t-shirtcomme des garcons t-shirt

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Photography: Amber-Rose