fendi sunglassesfendi sunglassesfendi sunglasses


Spring has kind of sprang so I thought I’d celebrate it in the same way I celebrate the rest of the seasons: wearing all black. Ha. This bag, however, makes up for it because I picked the colours (cool, right? – check out Colourfield to be your own little designer). So while it may be a black and white situation, a little bit of pink, blue and Mickey Mouse adds that little bit of extra fun.

I have quite a round face as well, so these bug-eye Fendi sunglasses haven’t left my head. They’re just the right amount of fun, and just the right amount of big. For my big face. It’s okay, we can’t all have a jawline that could cut paper and my baby cheeks get me out of a lot of situations because how can you get mad at someone who looks like they’ve stuffed their face with marshmellows? You can’t. You just cannot.

And finally let’s talk about the top – I have such a thing for Mickey Mouse. I find my whole ‘dress sleek and adult like’ intentions fall to the dogs whenever anyone shows me some clothing with a Disney character on it. Bless you Lazy Oaf, for making me feel my youth again.

LAZY OAF top, H&M trench, URBAN OUTFITTERS dungarees, CONVERSE 70’s, FENDI sunglasses c/o Smart Buy GlassesBAG c/o Colourfield London


fendi sunglassesfendi sunglasses