zara red coatzara red coatzara red coatzara red coat

There is nothing more wonderful than working with a photographer who knows what she’s doing – I had the pleasure of shooting with Akemi the other day, and I was blown away by what she sent back to me! It was great to do something a little different too, a much more romantic shoot. You should 900% defy the laws of maths and check out her stuff, it’s all so wistful and wonderfully edited.

Anyway, this Zara coat! Right! I haven’t been able to take it off since I got it a couple weeks ago (case in point: my instagram). I have a complicated relationship with colour – I absolutely love it, but I do struggle to style it sometimes. But red? I find it almost neutral, and with a pre-dominatly white and black wardrobe, it’s really quite easy to dress. I’m also keen to try the whole pink and red thing, which to some seems like a faux-pas, but a) I don’t care and b) it’s a Scandinavian colour staple (I grew up with the pink and red Marimekko flower print decked all over my grandmothers house in the Danish countryside).

Speaking of things that remind me of my childhood, I’m really drawn towards boxy shapes at the moment. They remind me distinctly of the kinds of things I wore as a young kid; a-line dresses, hand-sewn school dresses, Disney paraphernalia and little dungarees. Maybe it’s the impending fear of graduation, but I just got a little Mickey Mouse print turtleneck, and this jacket makes me think of something my mother would have made for me as a toddler. I’ve never been that interested in dressing ‘sexy’, but five year old Camilla knew what was up (thanks Mum). There’s something wonderfully comforting about nostalgic cuts and styles, not in a ‘vintage’ sense, but in a sense that is unique to your own past. That being said, my mother would never have let me wear four inch heels when I was a toddler, no matter how much I begged (and I did). After walking around all day in these babies though, she might have been in the right about that. I was limping.

ZARA red coat, TOPSHOP trousers (similar), AND OTHER STORIES boots (similar)

zara red coatzara red coatzara red coatzara red coatzara red coat

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