Feminist Podcast

Constantly listening to podcasts feels like cheating in so many ways. It’s so easy to absorb information, a passive approach to learning new things and you can be entertained wherever you are. They’ve become such an integral part of my daily routine; first thing in the morning (would highly recommend buying a shower radio), when I’m walking anywhere or on public transport and, in the evening, I play them while cooking or in the bath (see, shower radios have more than one use). Subscribe to a few great ones and they’ll automatically download giving you a constant stream at your fingertips. Here are five feminist podcasts recommended as introductions into feminism or sources of fresh discussions about your already established beliefs.

Call Your Girlfriend
A ‘podcast for long-distance besties everywhere’ is essentially the listener eavesdropping on Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow’s weekly catch-ups. It’s chatty and casual and they talk about whatever it is that’s recently piqued their interest be it politics (they had lots of thought-provoking stuff to say on the U.S. election), celebrity stories or their own recent experiences. For easy listening real and relatable chat, look no further.

Guys We F****d
What started off as a comedy project by Krystyna Hutchison and Corinne Fisher interviewing the men they’d slept with has evolved into a hugely popular podcast made up of interviews with a loads of different guests. They’re passionate, honest and unafraid to divulge the deepest of sexual secrets, which makes for a weekly hour and a half of juicy listening. While the episodes can be somewhat hit-and-miss, the episodes with Stoya and Lwantale Kalemera are especially great for their insights into the worlds of porn and female genital mutilation respectively.

The PanDolly Podcast
The Sunday Times Style’s super cool Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton discuss pop culture and celebrity stories with a critical eye and clever quick wit. Rather than simply recounting what celebrities are up to, they analyse celebrity culture and examine the ways in which those in the spotlight act and are treated with a feminist slant. The tendency for the podcast to digress into their own anecdotes is hilarious and their own laughter infectious – one of those ones that makes you accidentally let out a sudden little giggle on the bus.

What Would a Feminist Do?
Jessica Valenti, blogger and writer, delves into the thorny issues of modern day feminism in this Guardian podcast. With the help of various guests, she discusses women changing their surnames, the ethicality of ‘marketplace feminism’ and plastic surgery, among heaps of other subjects. Valenti is enviably articulate and her discussions refreshing, navigating each subject sensitively and perfectly encompassing the difficulties with negotiating the reality of being a woman now and holding feminist ideals.

Women of the Hour
The second series of Lena Dunham’s feminist podcasts ‘Women of the Hour’ has just started and it’s a slickly produced smorgasbord of stories. Each episode is themed and brings together a multitude of voices with fascinating insight and anecdotes. Lena herself only serves to guide the episode and interview guests so the focus isn’t really on her that much and, instead, it’s a platform to learn lots of different things from all manner of people.

Got any feminist podcasts we need to know about? Let us know!

Illustration: Sara Stefanini