Monochrome red


My name is Camilla and I am colour-phobic. Or at least – I used to be. I couldn’t see past navy, black, cream, camel – the thought of wearing colour terrified me and all black everything just seemed so easy/ I’m lazy. But since I graduated I’ve been feeling FRUITY and ready to wear a whole rainbow. Or you know, just one shade at a time; the one colour I’ve always been a little less afraid of was a deep red, so bright red seemed like a smaller leap than full on millennial pink (although, I have done that too). In the back of my mind I’m starting to realise just how tired I was at university. I loved my degree but it was exhausting, and since graduating I’ve felt such a monumentous relief, and the happiness that I’ve gotten from being able to work on the magazine and this full time has made me want to branch out so much more with my style.

This skirt was a bit of an impractical buy – you can see I don’t own an iron, and I think Akemi might have kindly blurred my VPL out to spare your eyeballs the pain. But sometimes the butt wants what the butt wants (I realise that sounds hideously dirty but I’m keeping it anyway), and my butt wanted to wear this skirt. I was feeling a bit extra so I thought wearing it during the day with a cosy knit brought it down to the level of casual I was okay with putting out that day. To be honest by the time I was in the skirt and jumper, the bag seemed inevitable. Call me a giant strawberry because monochrome red might just be my colour choice of the winter.

The weather in London is at a real turning point right now – one day it’s raining pumpkin spice lattes and everyone and their dog is in a knit, and the next day heat stroke is a real possibility. Autumn in London is one of my favourite seasons; I really love being able to layer without having to wear a full on coat so this feels like a great time for me to come back to the world of style blogging. That being said, this outfit is not seasonally appropriate for any season; you’re either too hot because you’ve got a thick cashmere jumper on, or you’re too cold because icy wind is blowing all up into your skirt. But like I said when I bought my new white boots, why be practical when you can be fabulous? My boyfriend will definitely give me a massive eye roll for this because it was exactly this sentiment that lead me to climb a mountain in Acne Studios trainers and a really sleek black Scandinavian brand jumpsuit. I definitely got some very stylish pictures at the top of said mountain, but I realise now that people rating the difficulty of climbing a specific mountain might be more experienced than me, and ‘easy’ might actually mean ‘it’s a damn mountain, put some hiking boots on’. If you enjoyed this anecdote of me being ridiculous, stay tuned because it’s from my Sri Lanka trip and there will be a full photo diary going up very soon.

To conclude this very fast paced blog post (sorry, I’ve had a lot of coffee); wearing all red is good, this outfit is impractical, and one should definitely implore to use hiking gear when hiking.

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H&M jumper and skirt, ACNE STUDIOS sneakers Photography: Akemi Louise