The Beverly Hills HotelThe Beverly Hills Hotel


I hope you’re enjoying your weekend thus far, I’m currently staying in Santa Barbara – but more on that soon!

I just couldn’t resist posting about our stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel in L.A. – it’s iconic, with people lining up to get a photo in front of the entry sign and pink decor as far as the eye can see. The hotel was lovely – with friendly faces around every corner, and a ‘home away from home’ feeling I’ve never experienced at any other hotel. The food was great, but honestly you could have fed me anything as long as I got to sit in the Polo Lounge and people watch. Whenever we headed down to dinner, guests were always dressed to the nines hanging languidly around the piano bar like an old movie. It was magical. The hotel also kindly sent us up a gift before we left, putting the ITF logo onto white chocolate. It felt weird eating my own logo – but also good, because chocolate. We spent the day at Venice beach, which you can read about here, but it was so lovely coming back in the afternoon and I could have stayed a million more nights there.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking about our stay, but if you have the means and the time, this place is at least worth a stop over for a cocktail in the early evening.

I picked up this H&M dress a few weeks ago after mulling it over while I was away in Sri Lanka – it’s something a little quirkier than I’d usually go for, but something about it still felt so me. I love the sixties vibe when teamed with my orange sunglasses (I know they make me look like a bit of a creep, okay) and these new white boots. H&M is killing it this season, and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve picked up tonnes of stuff from their stores for the next season. I think a pair of red boots is next on my list. I’ve been so excited about getting dressed recently, something which faded for a while back at university so I’m really enjoying taking advantage of that and trying out stuff I might not have considered before.

H&M dress and boots, ASOS sunglasses, Gucci bag.