Pink and red has been splitting the hearts and minds of people lately, but I love it. Being Danish, spending my summers surrounded by hot pink and bright red Marimekko tablecloths and napkins and bed linens, it isn’t really a choice. It’s an iconic print, and one you’d be hard pressed to miss if you head anywhere in Scandinavia. Much like the rise of hygge, and subsequent think pieces about whether it’s all a load of crap, it feels bizarre to have something that feels so natural to you to become a topic of debate.

This colour combo is definitely in fashion’s good books at the minute, and I won’t complain about how easy it is to find great red and/or pink stuff on the high street right now. I picked up this great top and suede shoes from H&M; H&M has been smashing it lately, and their trend range is always one of my first stops when I’m out shopping. I have to admit I’m sad the weather has suddenly turned cold; we shot these back in August, and it always feels like such a shame to have to cover up in big coats, especially when you’ve been working so hard to invest in some brightly coloured clothes. That being said, I’m off to California in four days, so I won’t complain too much. We’re headed to Palm Springs, LA, San Fran, Carmel and Santa Barbara, so please send some recommendations for things to do/see while I’m way out west.

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pink and redpink and red

H&M blouse, & OTHER STORIES jeans, H&M shoes, GUCCI bag Photography: Amber Rose