It doesn’t sound like this app is for work, but oh boy, it is – and in the cutest way possible. This app is great at stopping you using your smartphone to procrastinate (the irony of it being a smartphone app is not lost on us). The aim is to plant trees that represent specific blocks of time during which you’re not meant to be using your phone – if you don’t exit the app during that time period, you grow a tree to add to your forest. If you do exit the app – your tree dies. Sad times. If you don’t kill your trees, this is a fun way to try and stay focussed.


Trello is an app for task managing. It essentially acts like a bulletin board that will sync with all your devices. This includes everything from notes, files and to-do lists that are all highly customisable. Each can be moved to a new section, like ‘to do’, ‘in progress’ and ‘ideas’ to categorise all your thoughts neatly. You can also assign tasks to other people. This is a winner.


Even just picking up your phone for a second can lead to a thee hour article binge – so an app that allows you to bookmark and save all those interesting looking headlines for when you aren’t supposed to be doing a million other things sounds perfect. Never feel like you’ve missed out on some great clickbait again.


BaseCamp utilises threaded messaging and quick messaging with its group Campfire. You can also use Pings, to-do lists, centralised schedules and document and file storage. One new feature for the app is Clientside mode; quickly get feedback from clients while keeping your internal group content separate. There is also a notification scheduling system so you don’t get notifications when you don’t want to (i.e. after work, weekends and holidays). This app is essential if you’re part of a busy team.

White Noise

An essential part of having a productive day is having a good sleep the night before – white noise apps help you to drown out all those busy thoughts, and fall asleep fast and deep. It’s usually used to calm yelling babies, so it should definitely help you out. You can pick anything from animal sounds, to thunder.

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