Lorelai Gilmore style

If you’ve seen even one episode of Gilmore Girls, you’ll know the drill: coffee, Friday Night Dinners, mother-daughter bonding and a dreamy young Jared Padalecki. One thing I couldn’t get my head around when I first watched the show however was Lorelai’s sense of fashion. More than being out-dated, her outfits just seemed plain odd – you only need to remember the cowboy boots, denim hot-pants and pink tie-dye t-shirt combination that she wore on Rory’s first day at Chilton to understand the quirkiness of her wardrobe. It is an outfit startling enough to make any viewer wary of laundry day forevermore. But costume designer Brenda Maben didn’t just put the outfit together for comic effect, this look also serves as a testimony to Lorelai herself. And you have to hand it to her, she handles the situation with style and aplomb, and even got herself a date with a hot dad in the process.

Courageously unapologetic, feisty, and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, Lorelai Gilmore is an icon for any modern woman. Strolling conspicuously through the small-town backdrop of Stars Hollow, all bright colours, big hats and slogan t-shirts she exudes confidence of which us lesser mortals can only dream.  We can raise our eyebrows sceptically as much as we like at her rhinestone bedecked tops and pastel newsboy caps, always worn at the perfect jaunty angle, but we secretly wish we had the same confidence to have as much fun with our own wardrobes. This season, however, there’s never been a better time to let your inner Gilmore Girl out. Fashion has gained a new lease of life – the cult of the Little Black Dress is over; style icons were pictured striding through Fashion Weeks worldwide in bright blocks of primary colours, sequinned flares and statement trousers and co-ord sets. Gone are the slinky, figure-hugging outfits of former years, replaced with softer, flowing silhouettes that hark back fondly to earlier eras of boot-cut jeans and flowing midi dresses. The spirit of Lorelai is jumping for joy, dusting off that iconic pink coat (which incidentally was brought back to life in reboot in the recent ‘Year in the Life’ episodes) and digging her headbands out the back of the cupboard. Rainbow bright dressing, bold chunky knits and mismatched colours are dominating catwalks and there has never been a better opportunity to inject some fun into a tired winter wardrobe.

Allesandro Michele’s latest collection for Gucci features patterned tights and clashing floral prints, and sports luxe trousers with wide bands of colour and contrast panels adorning the legs, whilst the Miu Miu SS18 collection is all about usnusual layers and textures paired together – a key stable of Lorelai’s wardrobe. This season, Lazy Oaf have even released a line of jewelry called ‘Lorelai’, a range which is all kooky designs and bright pastels; earrings shaped like rainbows, hearts, and even spelling out the word ‘FUN’ in bright pink letters. I can’t imagine anything better suited to adorn the ears of Lorelai Gilmore.

Not just a reflection of the nostalgic trends of everyone’s earlier years, this resurgence of ‘fun fashion’ couldn’t have come at a better time – the perfect antidote to cold winter months and the troubling uncertainty of the political climate, these outfits serve as a reminder to find joy where you can. There is no better time to express yourself through fashion, and no better way to do this than in finest Lorelai homage. With this in mind, I’ve recreated some of Lorelai’s most iconic looks from the early series which can give tired wardrobes a new lease of life this winter season.

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