The Weekly Round Up

1. Hawaii sounds nuclear warning sirens for first time since 1980s.

The siren gives residents and tourists 20 minutes to find cover.

2. Trump’s Britain First tweets won’t be removed so people can see ‘both sides’ of the issue, says Twitter.

The president tweeted images of muslims being attacked, and a young boy dying.

3. Here’s what you need to know about the Libyan slave trade.

The report has drawn attention to an issue that aid and migrant groups say has gone on for years.

4. Black American women celebrates falling barriers as Meghan Markle joins royals.

‘There are no words for this joy’.

5. Flynn plea deal increases exposure of senior Trump transition members.

Kushner, Pence, Preibus, Trump Jr and Trump all at risk.

6. Former police chief condemns retired officers who leaked Damian Green computer pornography allegations

Sir Peter Fahy, who retired in 2015 as Greater Manchester Chief Constable, warned the former officers were entering ‘dangerous territory’ over the allegations.

This round up was put together by Elle Ayres.

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