Glossier Make-Up Review

It was with a sense of pride (and, dare I say, fear?) that I realised I had acquired every single make-up product from cult beauty brand and all around millennial pink haven, Glossier. Pride because I believe it showed commitment to a greater cause (being glowy af) and fear because that meant there was nothing new left for me to try/buy/coat my face in (for now).

I am a huge Glossier fan, in part because they are cruelty free, and also because I really genuinely love their products. They’re simple, easy to use and do their job. I am yet to be disappointed by anything, and with that comes a trust that I won’t be wasting my minimal extra cash. But the cult of Glossier can be intimidating – what with their shiny shiny models, plethora of perfect colouring options and all around cool girl aesthetic. As such, I have taken on the cause of reviewing and explaining every single product in their make-up range to save you the trouble. I use these products on a daily basis, so scroll down for the low down.

  1. Perfecting Skin Tint

Not one for you if you are after a heavy coverage base, the word ‘foundation’ might be a strong word for this product. It does, however, do exactly what it says on the adorable little bottle; perfects your natural skin. While it won’t cover up any significant redness or big bad pimples, it does a good job of making your natural skin tone much more even, and gives a healthy glow. The lack of shades may seem concerning, but the result is so transparent that one shade actually covers a lot of bases. I can still use my shade, ‘medium’, in the depths of winter when my naturally scandic skin is incredibly pale and now, when I am arguably the most tanned I’ve ever been after three weeks in the full on sun. It doesn’t feel heavy, and doesn’t clog up pores. The real bonus? If you’re sweaty in the summer, it isn’t noticeable if it gets a little patchy. This foundation is perfect for normal/ drier skin.

2. Stretch Concealer

I use this everyday; it moisturises and covers up any more significant discolouration without looking like you’ve got anything on and without collecting in fine lines. Unlike other concealers I’ve used, it isn’t overly matte but like the skin tint, it won’t do for someone looking for heavy coverage concealing. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side that is still effective (i.e. if you don’t have regular, huge pimples to hide or don’t care about hiding them) then this is your girl. Stretch concealer is perfect for normal/ drier skin.

3. Cloud Paints

The blusher to end all blushes – coming in four gorgeous tones, suitable for any skin colour. I have shied away from blush in the past, on account of the fact that everything makes me naturally blush. However cloud paints really take the cake for giving a natural, dewy colour to the cheeks without interfering with or highlights any of your own natural embarrassment. Dusk and beam are my two favourite shades; try dusk just below your cheekbones for a natural contour, or mix with beam to create the perfect shade for tanned skin. The liquid formula means the blush won’t rub off on clothing, and stays put all day/night long. Cloud paint works well on all skin types.

4. Boy Brow

Boy brow converted me to actually doing something with my brows; effortless and low key, the tiny wand is perfect for carving out whatever shape and making sure those pesky eyebrow hairs stay put for the whole day. No wonder it’s their bestselling make-up product. For the first few weeks you may need to remove some product off the wand before applying, but it really hits that sweet spot when the formula has dried up just a tad. Not into making your brows darker? They have a clear pomade too.

5. Generation G

The lipstick for people who don’t do lipstick. The colour comes off as clear and bright, but somehow also as though your lips might naturally just be very pink (or red, or brown, depending on the shade). If your lips are well moisturised before application, the lipstick doesn’t dry them out and stays put for a good few hours. The only complaint for this product is the packaging; Generation G is notorious for breaking off from the tube and falling out, so treat yours kindly.

6. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is universally irritating. It looks fantastic, makes your lips look incredibly plump but unless you’re sporting a pixie cut, your hair is going to get stuck in it. Even Glossier’s formulation isn’t immune to this fault, though it is admittedly better than most others I’ve tried. Where this stands out is its staying power, and the plumpness it gives. The formula looks and feels less sticky than others. It looks great over any lipstick, particularly Generation G in Jam, and makes your lips look frankly irresistible. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch kisses instead of stray bits of hair. If you don’t want it on your lips, lay it over the Lidstars for a very on trend glossy lid look.

7. Lidstar

Glossier’s latest reveal was a good one; liquid eyeshadow straight from the 90s. The eyeshadow comes in a very easy to apply tube with a wand. Once you’ve swiped it over the lid, distribute and set with your fingers. These are great if you just want one or two shades over the lid, but likely wouldn’t work with anything more complicated. I love whipping these bad boys out for a night on the town, so it works well that once they’ve dried they will absolutely stay put through rain, shine, or dancing induced perspiration. Mix and match shades easily, my favourite two being Cub and Moon (although my goal is to collect them all). Lidstar works well on all skin types.

8. Wowder 

The lightest of powders, perfect for setting make-up and reducing shine, without being cakey or drying out the skin. I apply this once my base is done, before eye make-up, in areas where I need to reduce my Glossier Glow. This powder works well, especially for taking the shine down a few notches – perfect for if you know someone is going to be pointing a camera at you at all, or if you’re going for a more matte look. I use the Wowder brush to apply mine, and unsurprisingly the two go well together. The only qualm is the packaging; you tap the netting in the tub to bounce product out – sometimes this leads to spills, and makes it hard to control just how much product you apply. It’s an art, not a science. Wowder works well on all skin types.

9. Haloscope

Highlights can all too often fall on the too subtle or too shiny side of the spectrum while just missing that sweet spot. Not Haloscope, though. Glossier’s highlighter has gained a cult following for a reason; the wand makes it easy to apply, the balm in the centre means that you can easily spread it around with your fingers to achieve a glow in all the right places and all the right intensities. It also means that the highlighter is extra dewy, and runs no risk of drying out your skin on colder winter days. Surprisingly for a product with balm in, it holds up well in high heat and doesn’t smudge or run at all. This product works well on all skin types.

10. Balm Dot Com

Whether or not this falls under make-up or skincare is up for debate, but because there are tinted versions let’s call it make-up. Again, this does what it says on the tin. It’s a fantastic multi-purpose balm you can use for your lips as a matte lip balm, to hydrate your cuticles or add extra glow anywhere on your face.

My Top Three: Cloud Paint in Dusk and Beam, Lidstar in Cub and Moon, Haloscope in Quartz.

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