The home of the hair band, if not in the hair, is on the wrist. But so often, that piece of elastic ruins the sharpness of an outfit. Enter byEloise London, two Scandi mums, who have combined jewellery and hair accessories to create the bangle band. We spoke to them about what inspired the brand, how they juggle their commitments and what they have learnt through developing the idea.

– What sparked the idea behind the brand? 

It all started with a common interest in hair accessories – with 5 daughters between us and lots of hair to tame, the right hair accessory can make a difference. In our busy everyday lives, we were lacking a good quality hair tie with a fair price that would also look nice when worn on the wrist. The aim of the label was, and still is, to turn an everyday staple into a fashionable accessory that adds to your outfit whether it be in the hair or adorning your wrist; byEloise London is a bangle and a hair band.

– Who came up with the name byEloise and why?

We wanted a feminine and international name for the business, and Eloise is Anine´s youngest daughter so that was a natural and easy choice for us.

– How do you juggle being mothers and developing the business?

With previous careers in fashion, consulting and finance, byEloise London is a dream come true, allowing us to combine the role as mothers with a business we enjoy and believe in. We started off at the kitchen counter and after numerous years working from home, we have now moved into a proper office we are very proud of. However, we are always working and our minds are spinning so we do a lot of work in the evenings when the children are in bed.

– Do you think the bands are more for adults or children? Or both?

We design with both adults and children in mind. There are girly colours and charms, but also more demure and stylish colours and charms. We make sure there is a Bangle Band for everyone and for any occasion by adding to our collection every season. Women of all ages love our adorable and fashion forward Bangle Bands.

– What’s been the biggest learning curve you’ve had creating byEloise?  

Delegation! It is sometimes overwhelming to run your own business, there is always something needed to be done, and you cannot do everything yourself. When we have tried to do everything, we have sometimes ended up doing nothing. It is good to know your business inside and out by working on every aspect, but it is equally important to be able to let go and to ask others to help.

– What are your biggest influences? 

Our daughters! We also consume fashion magazines and try to be up to speed on the latest trends. Our travels are also a source of inspiration and we both have a passion for art and nature.

– Who would you love to collaborate with? 

We both love Stella McCartney, her active wear collection hits all the right fashion notes. We would love to add a functional accessory to her collection – a Bangle Band perhaps?

– Do you have any new ideas you are working on? 

Everything with letters and initials is a big fashion staple these days. Next week we are excited to launch our collection of “letter cubes,” so that we can wear our initials in both our hair and on our wrists. We are also currently working on our Christmas Collection and it will be sparkly and very Christmassy both in charms and colour ways.

– Do you think you’ll expand into other hair accessories? 

We would love to broaden our hair accessory range, maybe later on this year. Stay tuned!

– What’s your favourite out of all the byEloise bangle bands?

Lena is often seen with a pale grey silver star in her hair, whereas Anine loves the velvet range and is rarely seen without one.

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Words by @AyresElle