So, beige is back. Truthfully, it never really went away, it just came under the guise of ‘camel’ or ‘nude’, but you’d certainly never refer to it as beige. Ah, beige – the colour of your dad’s cargo shorts, the hue of every piece of furniture in a new-build 00’s home – “Season’s neutrals,” my mother used to utter under her breath every time she stepped into one. Beige is the colour of towel that you keep in the utility room to dry the dog with, it’s the colour of cotton brief you reserve for the fervid days of your period, it’s certainly not a colour synonymous with fashion. Or at least it wasn’t, until now.

In fact, beige has become so dramatically popular in the last 6 months that not only are we wearing it, we are tonal blocking full outfits of it. During fashion month this past February, street stylers and fashion insiders championed beige’s renaissance in head-to-toe renditions of the colour. Perhaps in response to ‘Yeezy Gate’, Kanye’s odd attempt at post-apocalyptic nude tonal blocking that sparked heavy criticism from the fashion world? Or maybe we just decided that like dad trainers and bum-bags (or fanny packs as the Americans rather uncomfortably call them) beige, too, was due a comeback? Whatever the reason, I’m glad of it.

I’m a full-on beige convert. My boyfriend bought a beige plant pot last week and I made him return it to the shop. “I’m not having beige in my house!” I said, horrified. While that remains true with the furniture, I find myself rapidly buying beige item, after beige item for my wardrobe. I’m actually addicted to it. I feel fabulous in beige. Pair it with gold jewellery and you look impeccably chic, pair it with an edgy T and you look wonderfully Danish (i.e. also chic). You literally cannot go wrong with a bit of beige, I have found.

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Camilla, ITF Editor and general style guru, pointed me in the direction of a H&M beige linen blazer, when I mentioned I’d like to give beige tonal blocking a go. I don’t think I’ve loved anything more, its boxy fit and tortoiseshell buttons make for a blazer that can truly be dressed up or down. Here, I’ve gone for ‘up’ and paired it with a pair of kick flare chinos, gold hoops and silver pumps. (N.B. Futuristic metallics work very well with ye olde beige.) By day, I’ve worn the same blazer with an oversized T from streetwear hot-spot Palace, and it looks equally cool with my signature black turtleneck.

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For my second look, I’ve gone with a pair of tailored Mango flares (which I have only just managed to fit into after overcoming dramatic festive weight-gain). Given, these are more ‘camel’ but what I’ve noticed is that every hue of the nude family works well together, regardless of its Christian name. I’ve paired them with a flattering beige ribbed long-sleeve courtesy of Weekday and a pair of gold mules I got in the Zara Sale last year. Again, this is beige in its Sunday best, but pair this same outfit with a pair of sneakers, or swap the flares for tracksuit bottoms and voila – immediate edge.

So what have I taken away from this little sartorial exercise? Well firstly, I’m now only ever wearing beige clothes for the rest of my life. Secondly, regardless of the hue, beige-on-beige outfits are forever chic, completely fool-proof and impossible to screw up (finally, an outfit formula that will ALWAYS work). And thirdly, I have written the word ‘beige’ 25 times in the last 30 minutes, I currently have an ASOS Wishlist of exclusively beige items waiting to be purchased, and am even reconsidering that beige plant pot.

Forever a fashion victim, and beige is my new master.

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Photography: Eugenia Weinstein