october shopping

I am THRILLED, to say the least, that I can finally start to talk about winter clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I adore an Aperol Spritz and a Floral Dress as much as your next gal. But Winter, I see you and I am ready for you. Winter fashion, for me, is when I am most comfortable with my personal style. I love to play with different textures, introduce new colours (heaven FORBID anyone venturing out of the Beige to Rust Colour Scheme) and to layer up!

Winter fashion is, essentially, giving yourself a hug. However, if you’re stuck for inspiration you can just feel like a heavily dressed potato. I’ve popped my five top buys for this upcoming season, which will serve you lots of fashion mileage throughout this season.

Animal Print
It’s pretty hard to avoid this trend, unless you’ve been living under a rock/do not converse with human beings. Every high street shop has followed suit from the AW18 shows last February. The nod was given (most notably) in New York from Diane Von Furstenberg, Victoria Beckham and Tom Ford. From here on, we saw a safari of prints strut down the catwalks in London, Milan and Paris. Snake, Leopard, Tiger, Zebra…this trend has quite literally walked straight off the catwalk and into shop windows.

I’m not going to bring out the Cat Slater cliche, because I actually believe there is no such thing as too much animal print. You just have to wear it right. I recommend an all over printed dress (see below), and accessorise with a chunky pair of boots. Layer pieces underneath and on top of the dress in order to get more bang for your buck.

Splurge on this Ganni dress, or save with this sell-out Topshop pinafore.

If some of the suggestions are too intimidating, you needn’t worry. There are gorgeous animal print accessories which will keep you up-to-date with the fash-pack, without causing imposter syndrome. The great thing about these prints are that they are super easy to style up. Print on print works great and print on neutrals works even better.

Splurge on this Rixo scrunchie, or save with these killer Office boots.

Pack away your basket bags, fold down those kaftans and embrace the item of clothing which will get you through the winter: corduroy. Yep, it’s back. And not in the way your Math teacher wore it. No, we’re talking corduroy in pastel shades (see Lemaire, Mulberry and Nina Ricci AW18 for reference) as well as in classic neutral colours (does anyone do this better than Miuccia Prada?) Think corduroy suits, dresses and separates – and more importantly, think sexy. Pair this traditionally ‘drab’ fabric with silks, and other contrasting textures, to give it a modern twist.

Splurge on this Bella Freud jacket of our dreams, or save with this Zara option.

Grandad knit
Think boy-meets-girl, with an intergenerational twist: The Grandad Knit. Shows last February introduced these to us in an extremely vamped up fashion. Erdem dressed them with sequin pencil skirts, while Christopher Kane paired the his with party pants (read: trousers). It was a moment, and one that has made its way to the high street with great aplomb.

Splurge on this classic vintage Ralph Lauren piece.

To note: The resolution Store is a new platform, powered my Instagram fashion influencers. It’s a great ethical way to buy your clothes second-hand, and at a seriously reduced price. Items even get delivered to you in recyclable packaging! But, once the item is gone, it is GONE – so get buying!

…or save with this mango alternative. 

Knee High Boots
Knee high boots have an unfair reputation. ‘All you need is a horse now’ and ‘Oh my gran has those EXACT shoes’ echo feelings towards the poor old knee high. However, they’ve been re-invented this season and, dare I say, I think they are rather appealing. Midi skirt? Pop on a knee high. Gorgeous dress that you want to keep wearing through winter? Pop on a knee high. Big jumper and jeans? POP ON A KNEE HIGH. You don’t have to see the whole boot to know it’s there, so don’t worry about covering up some of the leg. You know it’s there, and you know you look good.

Commit to the trend with these Marni bad boys, or save with H&M’s fabulous option.

The Trench
Vinyl, check, patent, deconstructed, made of unicorn tears and laced with gold, the trusty trench coat has seen it’s own renaissance. The new wave of trench coats is the perfect storm of every-day and avant-garde style. Fear not, if you are hesitant to jump on this bandwagon, there are still some GREAT classics to buy into (with a sight nod to the new-age, Matrix trench).

Splurge on this PSWL classic white trench, or save with Topshop’s version.

Words Lila Flint-Roberts