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Brightly coloured wildflowers cover sealed lips. Ferns and petals emerge from haphazard necklines. Preen’s SS17 witchcraft and paganism inspired collection is the perfect Halloween costume.

Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton, founders of Preen, grew up on the Isle of Wight where a culture of paganism is still alive. The designers talk matter-of-factly about living alongside witches, people in the community who’d offer herbal remedies to minor ailments. Modern paganism elevates a respect for mother earth and worshipping nature.

Wearing pressed flowers on your skin is not just a strong, instagrammable Halloween look. It’s a 100% natural and sustainable option. All that’s needed is pressed flowers, Vaseline or eyelash glue and crucially- no glitter or plastic is involved.

The sparkling allure of single-use, non-recyclable glitter and throw-away outfits are so tempting at this time of the year. But what I love about this pagan inspired, witch costume is the novelty and eerie placement of the flowers on your skin.

Go glitter free but don’t hold back on your costume. Pressed flowers make a phenomenal Halloween and festival outfit.

Visit Thinking Hatt for a full guide to making flower petal temporary tattoos.

Preen’s SS17 look was created by make up artist Val Garland.
Images taken from Instagram @PreenbyThorntonBregazzi and

Words: Hattie Bottom