Eat, Shop, Chill: Berlin

Berlin has it all, really; culture, cool people and curry wurst. From the infamous queues to the nightlife, to the frankly fantastic…

By Natalie Maisie

Eat, Shop, Chill: Hamburg

Move over Berlin! Hamburg, the younger sister of the capital, comes with all the nordic charm and offers everything you’re looking for…

By Amelie Unger

5 Great NYC Eats

New York City is a mecca for good food; every corner you turn there’s a new space tempting you with the scent…

By Camilla Ackley

Eat, Shop, Chill: Chicago

Thinking of spending some time stateside? We think Chicago is the place to be; it has everything, fantastic food, beaches on the…


Eat, Shop, Chill: Amsterdam

Whether you’re heading there for a sneaky city getaway this summer, or you need some more convincing to book those plane tickets,…

By ITF Staff
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