Are We Ignoring Women’s Pain?

“Calm down dear”: the age-old phrase used to put us women back in our boxes, back in our kitchens, back on our…

By Eleanor Toms

We Need To Change The Way We Comfort Women

I graduated this year wearing a satin, yellow, mid-length dress. So did my ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend. The coincidence doesn’t end there, we…

By Rebecca Wade

For The Last Time: Let Women Be Childless

Tracee Ellis Ross is a remarkable woman – an award-winning actress, director, television host, activist and recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from…

By Laura Bedford

Risky Business

“And what do you intend to be?” chirps my uncle over lunch. Half choking on my fish, I blindly grope for some…

By Catherine Gleave

The Reality Behind Reality TV

The camera pans to a country garden scene. Champagne and Pimm’s are sipped as people stand chatting by a banquet laid on…

By Elle Ayres

The Girl and The Horror Film

I love horror and I’m a woman. I’m a nerd when it comes to horror; I want to know about all the…

By Lizz Hoskins