Risky Business

“And what do you intend to be?” chirps my uncle over lunch. Half choking on my fish, I blindly grope for some…

By Catherine Gleave

The Reality Behind Reality TV

The camera pans to a country garden scene. Champagne and Pimm’s are sipped as people stand chatting by a banquet laid on…

By Elle Ayres

The Girl and The Horror Film

I love horror and I’m a woman. I’m a nerd when it comes to horror; I want to know about all the…

By Lizz Hoskins

Don’t Call Me ‘Sir’

It takes a surge of self-restraint to stop myself from banging my head against the desk. My frustration, drawn out by the…

By Catherine Gleave

Stop Calling Women Exotic

For some, the use of the term “exotic” by a man to describe a woman they find attractive has no negative connotations…

By Katherine Awit

The Anxious Protester

I was not introduced to feminism at a young age but I was openly welcomed into the arms of anxiety as soon…

By Abigail Willms

Summer, You’re A Sham

Summer has that elusive desirability of that person you’ve liked for ages and then suddenly it comes around and you realise that…

By Elle Ayres

Clean Eating Cult

The hashtags #cleaneating, #eatclean and #avotoast have taken over Instagram with feeds filled with breakfast bowls, organic everything and gym selfies. It…

By Katt Skippon
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